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Nahcotta is home to Port of Peninsula, a small, busy seaport situated on Willapa Bay, the largest clean water estuary in the U.S. This is home to the popular Willapa Bay Oyster. Willapa Bay sediment is rated “pristine” by the Army Corps of Engineers; The watershed has benefited by being kept rural.

One of four local ports in Pacific County, Port of Peninsula remains the hub of the oyster farming industry on Willapa Bay, providing a significant percentage of local jobs, and creating the industrial framework for shellfish growers to produce, harvest, and ship their product. The oyster industry generates millions in local economic activity.

The main terminal for shipping, trade and oysters since 1890.

The large basin developed at the Port of Peninsula in Nahcotta provides moorages for all types of vessels, though now primarily serving commercial oyster and fishing interests on Willapa Bay. The Port also hosts many local events and festivals.

The quaint village of Nahcotta is home to the Willapa Bay Interpretive Center, canneries, and extensive oyster beds. Visitors enjoy the Port of Nahcotta boat basin as well as abundant wildlife viewing.

An image of large, commercial fishing vessels currently docked at the Nahcotta port.
An image of a variety of ships in the Nahcotta port.
An image of a tourist observation point with a plaque in front that reads, "Remember, there's the face of a family behind every farmed oyster." overlooking the inlet with blue mountains in the background.

For more information on Nahcotta, WA, visit https://opwa.com/nahcotta/
For information on Port of Peninsula: http://www.portofpeninsula.org/
Information for Pacific County visitors at: https://www.visitlongbeachpeninsula.com

Nahcotta is located within the Ocean Park Census Designation, all of the census and demographic data for residents of Nahcotta are included as part of the information reported for Ocean Park.

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