Practicing good stewardship in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest has long been associated with vast forests and the Timber Industry. Sustainable forestry stewardship can meet a wide range of fundamental needs for people and the planet.

The majority of Pacific County is forested (over 70%), with much of that land under private ownership. Its forested lands are rugged, mostly inaccessible except by logging roads. Timber grown in the area contributes to the northwest’s regional economy and provides employment opportunities.

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Pacific County

Total Forestland Acres


Working Forest


Forest restricted by state & federal law





Below are a variety of resources on the commercial timber industry, public lands and general forestry information.

General Forestry Information

An image of a small fir sprout growing out of a moss-covered stump.

The Pacific County Economic Development Plan is an official document adopted by local government as a guide to decision making about future physical development of Pacific County.

WFFA is an organization of and for forest land owners in Washington State. Their members own anywhere from a few acres to a few thousand and manage them for timber, other forest products, wildlife, fish, recreation, and aesthetics.

Treesearch is a database of downloadable research reports published by the USDA Forest Service.

Washington State University Extension Program
The WSU Forestry Extension program consists of expert staff and faculty who are dedicated to assisting landowners with the complex and rewarding task of forest stewardship. 

WSU’s Forestry Extension Resources by Topic contains numerous publications and links on over 40 different topics related to forestry.

Wood: The Most Natural Resource is an educational site sponsored by the Washington Forest Protection Association and Oregon Forest Resources Institute.

Mapping and Lidar

Google Earth Pro allows for saving high resolution photos and has historical as well as current photos.
License Key: GEPFREE

Google Maps provides satellite photos online, and if you install Google Earth Pro on your computer, you can see them in 3D. However, the maps are not dated and often are several years old.

Bing Maps also provides photos and bird’s eye views online. They can also be several years old and are not dated.

Forest Practice Application Mapping Tool is available online for when you are preparing a FPA. For a video tutorial, watch this webinar presented by WSU Extension.

Bare Earth Lidar shows the ground without any vegetation or structure. Top Surface Lidar shows the first object that the Lidar hits, so shows vegetation and structure.

An image of the orange county coastline where it meets the rocky shoreline, representing the multiple surfaces Lidar can map.

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